Lord Daru
About Srijamyaham!

A Unique Graphic novel series in Pattachitra

The exciting journey of God Particle or Brahma possessed by Lord Shri Krishna in a human body is never told at universal arena since Lord Shri Krishna left the earth with his material form.As per hindu worship, devotion and belief, sri jagannath possess the same god particle or brahma to be worshipped as the lord of the whole universe, there are a plethora of mythological stories and folk tales concerning the unparallelled human like life and philosophy of lord jagannatha and his cult at srikshetra puri.

All such narrations the same fabulous narrations are being presented through patta paintings by pacad comics for the first time. It is an humble attempt to present the rich odishan culture, tradition and the divine stories of lord jagannath in a unique manner.

Lord srikrishna leaves his mortal frame at the end of dwaraka, kaliyug begins, the great daru is obtained from the ocean, vidyapati goes in search of sri nilamadhaba, king indradyumna builds sri mandira and the idols, above all brahma installs the deities in sri mandira – all these have been portrayed through patta paintings. We hope it shall win the appreciation of all culture minded readers and people all across.

The objective of such project is to make our younger generation aware about our roots and original culture having a rich tradition of spiritual practices and rituals. As Graphic novel medium is more accepted among children and young audience, this is a unique attempt not only to make them aware but also make them feel proud about their rich cultural and spiritual tradition. Such an attempt would also give a new dimension and horizon to thousands of traditional pattachitra artists of the region opening new avenues of employment generation and a better livelihood converging with digital technology.


According to ‘Nabakalebara Bidhanm’ God himself has told – ‘even though I am Purnabrahma, free from birth and re-birth, I am your God, I am not separate from you, it is a fact, as if a Jiva worn-out his body and enters into another body afresh, I also exactly follow the same procedure, because I am not separate from the Jiva’.

Nabakalebara is a festival observed in the Shree Jagannath Temple at Puri at a predefined time according to Hindu Calender. Naba means new and Kalebara is body. Lord Shree Jagannath adornes a new body during Nabakalebara. It is the re-embodiment of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Sudarshan when they relinquish their old bodies and assume a new one. However, theBrahmapadartha (soul-substance) remains the same. The soul or the Brahma is transferred from the old idols to their new bodies in a highly technical and conspicious manner prescribed and inherited from generations by the Daitas and the Rakshaks. They are the up-keepers of the Shreeangas or the bodies of the trinity of the Grand Temple.

"The Nabakalebara niti is observed in a gap of 12 to 19 years. Most of the Nabakalebars are performed after a gap of almost 19 years as in 1912, 1931, 1950, 1969, 1977 and 1996. This year in 2015, we are witnessing yet another sacred occasion of the Nabakalebara Niti".

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